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Nothing is worse than losing all your work that you have spent thousands of hours on or your personal pictures and music that you keep on your computer.

Backing up your data is the golden rule of computing yet MOST people don't do it. ALL hard drives fail over time. This is a simple fact. Your hard drive will fail and stop working at some point and time.

On this Data Backup site you will learn about different types of data backup procedures and some great unbiased data backup software reviews to help you make the right choice for backing up your data.


1. Mistake Can Cost You Your Business :  This is a must read article for any person self employed or running a small business.

Advantages of Choosing Both Local and Remote Backup Options

Best Data Backup SolutionLearn Why choosing both local and a remote data backup can be a great idea for regular individuals and learn how to get the best setup possible for the lowest amount of money. In this simple to follow guide we explain the importance of having two backup solutions and the ease and low cost of setting up such an operation.

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Simplest Data Backup Software

AutoSave Essentials ReviewAutoSave Essentials Review

Autosave Essentials get's our top recomendation for users who want a local backup solution that is very quick and very easy. With AutoSave Essentials you can setup an automatic backup of all your photos, personal files, music and video. You may save the data onto many different kinds of media including hard drives, over a network or even via FTP. AutoSave Essentials does not have a full image backup option. That is the only draw back.

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Most Data Backup Options (Great For Geeks)

NovaBackup ReviewNovaBackup Review

NovaBACKUP is a commercial backup solution designed to allow users to safely and securely backup their data. NovaBACKUP does exactly what it promises to. I would recommend this as a viable commercial solution for making backups as well as for home users who want several data backup options. NovaBackup has all the goodies that every tech person loves.

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Simple to Use with Many Features

AutoSave Essentials ReviewAcronis True Image Home 2011 Review

Acronis is perhaps the worlds leader when it comes to full image backups. a full image backup is like taking an exact copy of your hard drive and placing it onto the destination of your choice. This is the best option for data backups but it does take up lot's of space because it's backing up your operating system as well as programs. This backup software is not as easy to use as AutoSave Essentials but it is more powerful.

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Great Middle Ground of the Above Two

http://www.databackupsoftware.org/genie-backup-manager-reviewGenie Backup Manager Review

Bang for buck I really like this program. It has many advanced options that tech people love. While it's not as easy to use as AutoSave Essentials and does not have a full image backup option like Acronis it is a good middle ground between the two programs. Many added items can be backed up easily that AutoSave Essentials does not allow for. The cost is a little higher but on par with the industry.

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Best Online Data Backup Software

Mozy Review

If you are looking for a online data backup service then look no futher than Mozy. Like it's many competitor Carbonite, Mozy backs up the data you select on your computer remotely. Mozy waits till it see's that you are not using that many system resources, then auto backs up any changed data. It can even backup documents that are open like PST files. I use this product and will for years to come.

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